We are requiring all Independent Contract interpreters to transition to an E-Portfolio by the end of 2014. Our industry is moving towards more Independent Contract documentation – car insurance, health screenings and drug tests just to name a few. Many of these documents need to be renewed yearly. Others need to be updated. We currently are managing thousands of emails back and forth throughout the year from our growing pool of interpreters. Here is a typical list:

  • RID certification card
  • Liability Insurance
  • Background Check
  • Wisconsin License
  • Mantoux
  • Resume

We have an easy solution that will benefit all of us. E-Portfolios! We know this tool will save us both valuable time and money in addition to helping you organize and archive your career. Get an early start now! We just complete our most recently workshop at North Central University on October 11, 2014! Catch us next Saturday Oct, 18 (4:30-6:30 pm) at the MRID Conference in Rochester, MN!

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E-Portfolio Seminar