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Our values are simple: Ethics Matter. Accuracy Counts. And Meaning is Everything


We celebrate diversity and have created an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome, valued and respected. We recognize that the Independent Contract interpreters we partner with are diverse in their private practice lives and those differences are our greatest strength. These differences are expressed in how we see the world, approach work, and relate to others. We think and learn best in those surroundings at Middle English.

Conflict is natural and to be expected. At Middle English, we embrace respectful, direct and honest communication. We expect all those who partner with us as Independent Contractors, clients and consumers to support and integrate this positive and professional approach in all work related matters. In an industry with the sole purpose of providing access to communication – we are committed to communicating!

We are guided by our core values that embrace integrity, simplicity and excellence. We also have a commitment to a sustainable future and use the computer whenever possible for all business documents. We hope you will join us in helping preserve our planet and save paper by scanning and emailing electronic documents which we need from you, and by using our electronic signatures software for all agreements and contracts.



Our mission is to make interpreters available, at the times that matter, and at locations that meet our customer and consumer needs. By making interpreting services available at the times that matter, we’re working to empower individuals with accessibility to communicate and participate the way they choose.



To help achieve our positive vision of the future, we strive to be an example of a values led company. This means we realize we have a duty to the people and communities who make our existence possible. In order to fulfill this responsibility, We seek to maximize our impact by being engaged and mindful listeners, incorporating your feedback in our implementation of decisions, policies and practices in our day-to-day operations. Our concern for the interests and perspectives of our clients, the interpreting community, and the diverse deaf, deafblind, hard of hearing and spoken language communities helps guide us toward making a positive impact.


non-discrimination POLICY

Middle English Interpreting is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, or veteran status or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.



Mark Alan English, CEO and co-owner                                                

Tom Linker, CFO and co-owner                                                       


become a PARTNER

Why partner with Middle English

From our fresh approach, our friendlier experience, Middle English Interpreting is reinventing the agency experience around you. Necessary?

work the way you know best

At Middle English Interpreting, we are on a mission to put independence back into the Independent Contractor relationship. We are a leadership team that values the unique partnership we have with our team of Independent Contract interpreters. We see you as a vital part of our company. The decisions you make on-site while working are aspects of your authority that we respect. We trust your decisions are in the best interests of our shared clients and consumers, in addition to your interests and our business relationship.

our team of interpreters are our company

Our interpreters are great at lots of things, welcome big changes and share our positive approach. Our team behaves ethically and with integrity, understanding that it is essential to maintain our shared reputations as a trustworthy agency partnering with upstanding interpreters. We consistently set high expectations and we’re proud to be recognized as one of the most reputable agencies in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

welcome to efficiency

Middle English Interpreting is powered by Interpreter Intelligence. This partnership allows us to leverage state of the art technology in the delivery of language services. We’re confident you’ll appreciate this tool as much as we do.


The Intelligence Scheduling System™ – Interpreter scheduling simplified

Video Remote Intelligence™ – Integrated video remote interpreting

                                                             Interpreter Benefits

  • Centrally manage all your cases in a secure and convenient cloud based solution
  • Conveniently track your schedule of confirmed and cancelled cases 
  • Eliminate time consuming calls and emails about schedule confirmations and changes
  • See all your assignments online –  Face to Face and VRI
  • Supports you by keeping timely and accurate case details
  • Easily track updates to your cases from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Self assign, track open cases by daily/weekly/etc reports
  • Manage your availability as an IC – eliminate time consuming emails/calls for cases that you’re not actually available for. Let us know when you want cases sent.

Independent Contract (IC) interpreters are responsible to close their cases within 24 hrs – via interpreter intelligence


interpreter PAYMENT

We pay all IC’s within 30 days of closing their cases in Interpreter Intelligence.

Direct Deposits are made on the 15th and last day of each month.

Closed cases from the 1st – 15th of the month are paid on the last day of the month

Closed cases from the 16th – last day of the month are paid on the 15th of the following month


interpreter fees PHILOSOPHY

Our philosophy is that each private practice interpreter be able to articulate his or her fees and terms as an Independent Contractor – with confidence. We promote interpreting as a practice profession, work closely with pre-certified interpreters who successfully pass our evaluation and betting process, and support the development of certified interpreters. We are eager to book interpreters for success. The Middle English team values and weighs a holistic set of interpreter skills and attributes that guide us in negotiating fees which both parties can agree on:

  • Proficiency of Interpreting Skills
  • Professional and Ethical Reputation      
  • Certifications, Education and Continuing Education
  • Years of Successful Interpreting Experience
  • Business Skills as a Private Practice Interpreter     
  • Ability and willingness to use direct and honest communication
  • Ability to manage conflict professionally, and accept constructive feedback
  • Execution of Critical Thinking Skills
  • Proven attendance to be reliable, and dependable


what NEXT

After becoming familiar with the information provided above, if you believe you are a good match for our team and would like to continue the partnership process, please take the next necessary steps as listed below:

Please email us the following in a PDF format to:

  1. Electronic Portfolio, or resume with references – and any work product you have. Include private practice documents that you choose to carry as an Independent Contractor ie: Mantoux, Background Check, Liability insurance, Certifications from NCIHC, BEI, EIPA RID etc.
  2. Headshot (professional looking)
  3. If you are in the metro area, please send us times you are available to meet for an interview that can run up to 1.5 hours in length. Please bring your smartphone and any tablet or laptop you work with as an Independent Contractor. If you are outside the metro send us times you are available to schedule a phone interview.

After receipt of the above documents and completion of an interview (via in person or on the phone), if we agree on working together we’ll move forward with the following, sent through our electronic signing software – Docusign:

  • Middle English Independent Contractor Contract
  • W-9