Mark Alan English

Founder and CEO. He leads a creative agency culture driven to improving the delivery of interpreting services. Mark Alan pivoted from a dynamic private practice career as a distinguished and certified  ASL/English Health Care Interpreter to build Middle English around his vision for connecting individuals who use different languages. His practice has taken him across North America for over 25 years as he focuses on emerging trends impacting this industry. He began his career in the Deaf treatment program at Fairview University Medical Center. He presents on a host of topics and is recognized as a subject matter expert on the Demand Control Schema after working 10 years on the FIPSE research projects and curriculum infusions managed by University of Rochester, NY.

Tom Linker

CFO and co-owner. Tom has comprehensive expertise and experience in financial management. He directs all financial aspects of the business. Tom manages our innovative billing and scheduling database and a host of functional tools that have positioned us as a technical leader in our industry. He provides critical financial, analytical and operational information to the team. He comes from a background in music performing over 25 years as a concert pianist around the world. He’s also a composer, teacher, performs regularly with the MN Orchestra and was a longtime member of the new music ensemble Zeitgeist.